sobota 9. listopadu 2013

How to remove K2 /item/ and item ID from URL

You need to open Joomla Administrator backend.

Go to: Components - K2 - Parameters
Search for the Advanced Tab then turn on Advanced SEF.

See the picture.

Enjoy your clean URLs:
com/shop/item/6-name is replaced with this:

pátek 18. října 2013

After upgrading to Windows 8.1 iCloud sync is not working in Outlook 2010

If you click on iCloud folder or Contacts in Outlook 2010 the following error message appears:
"The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened."


  • You need to uninstall the iCloud Control Panel completely from Control Panel.
  • Restart PC.
  • Install the newest iCloud Control Panel. Log-in.
  • Sync is working now again!!!

středa 16. října 2013

Windows 8 language pack won't install

This problem is caused by corrupted files in WinSXS folder. This folder is very important for the system.
You should manage to fix issues in there with a simple command in Windows 8.


  • Press Win + X then choose Command Prompt (Admin) - we need admin priviligies to run the command.
    You now should see a black box with a prompt, please enter the following command:
    dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  • It should take very long time to do that (30~60 minutes, it's depend on the corruption).
  • You can find the log file in folder: %windir%\Logs\DISM\dism.logPlease scroll to the bottom, if there was no error you should see something like:

Checking System Update Readiness.

Operation: Detect and Repair
Operation result: 0x0
Last Successful Step: Entire operation completes.
Total Detected Corruption: 0
CBS Manifest Corruption: 0
CBS Metadata Corruption: 0
CSI Manifest Corruption: 0
CSI Metadata Corruption: 0
CSI Payload Corruption: 0
Total Repaired Corruption: 0
CBS Manifest Repaired: 0
CSI Manifest Repaired: 0
CSI Payload Repaired: 0
CSI Store Metadata refreshed: True

If there was an error you can see which files are corrupted and how much of them the system can fix. You need to replace the corrupted files with the correct ones but this is for another topic.

How to install Creative Live! Cam Vista IM (VF0260) on Windows 7

Many people have problems installing this webcam from Creative.

Suddenly Creative have dropped the support for this webcam and there are no Windows 7 drivers for this webcam.

With little magic we can install this webcam on Windows 7 OS.

Steps you need to do:

  • Download the driver for Vista.
  • Download 7-ZIP or Win-RAR, click with right-click on LCVA_PCDrv_US_1_11_02.exe file then choose Extract here...
  • Open the folder and find setup.exe file.
  • Click on the .exe with right click and choose Properties.
  • After that you need to set the Compatibility mode. Click on Compatibility, choose Windows Vista (Serivce Pack 2). Click OK.
  • Run the installer with setup.exe. Wait then Reboot the system.
  • The Windows Live! Cam Vista IM (VF0260) now should work flawlessly :).


středa 9. října 2013

If downloading or upgrading apps from Windows Store i get error code 0x80240437

This problem is caused by corrupted Software Distribution folder.

Steps for troubleshooting:

  • You need to stop BITS and Windows Update services:
    Press Win + R and type services.msc command then hit ENTER.
    Find Windows Update and Background Intellingent Transfer Service. Stop these services.
  • Then go to: %windir% and rename folder SoftwareDistribution to SoftwareDistribution2
  • Go back to services and turn on the disabled services.
  • Check Windows Store and install/upgrade apps again!